Automated Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System

Immu F6 Raises the Bar for Diagnostic Accuracy and Reliability

A point-of-care automated system utilizing acridinium ester direct chemiluminescence technology, provides accurate quantitative results using whole blood, suitable for acute care and laboratory use.

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  • Easy to use, only 3-step operation with whole blood testing

  • Fast, 13.5 min to the first result

  • Random access, continuously loading

  • Reliable results, CLIA, high sensitivity preparation

  • Cost-effective, no unnecessary waste, single-use cartridge

  • Comprehensive solutions, multi-test parameters

  • Step 1: Load Cartridges

  • Step 2: Load Samples

  • Step 3: Configure & Run

  • Cardiac Marker

    • Tnl
    • hs-Tnl
    • CK-MB
    • Myoglobulin
    • NT-proBNP
    • H-FABP
    • sST2
    • Lp-PLA2


    • IL-6
    • PCT
    • CRP+hs-CRP
    • SAA
    • Anti-CCP
  • Coagulation Marker:

    • D-dimer
    • FDP


    • Ferritin
    • iPTH
    • hGH

    Fertility & Hormones:

    • β-HCG
    • Progesterone
    • AMH
    • FSH
    • LH
    • Prolactin
  • Thyroid Function:

    • TSH
    • TT4
    • FT4
    • T3
    • FT3
    • TG
    • Anti-TG
    • Anti-TPO

    Tumor Marker:

    • CEA
    • CA15-3

Immu F6 Resources

Immu F6

Operation Guide

This step-by-step manual will walk you through the setup process so that you can starting using the Immu F6 in a matter of minutes.

Download PDF

Immu F6

Data Sheet

The Immu F6 data sheet provides a detailed overview of the instrument's applications, technical specifications, physical dimensions, and regulatory compliance.

Download PDF

Immu F6


The immu F6 brochure provides a high-level overview of the instrument's features, benefits, and applications.

Download PDF

Immu F6

Available Assays

The immu F6 available assays documentation provides a comprehensive overview of all assays that can be run on the instrument.

Download PDF

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